Professional Recommendations

tony_gentilcore“The true mark of someone who “gets it,” is when they exhibit an insatiable appetite to learn and to make themselves better – at all times.  I first met James when he traveled all the way across the globe to spend two weeks at my facility (Cressey Performance, located outside of Boston, MA) to observe and train with our staff.  If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.”

“Since then, James and I have often kept in touch, and he’s undoubtedly someone whom I’ve grown to trust and respect in this industry.  In short:  You’d be hard pressed to find another coach in Australia who’s more dedicated, trustworthy, passionate, and knowledgeable as James.”

Tony Gentilcore – co-owner, Cressey Performance



Paul Reid“James is the consummate professional with a remarkable thirst for knowledge. His commitment to his clients goes well beyond that of the average personal trainer; he is constantly reading, researching and questioning the status quo, looking for any piece of information that will give his clients an edge.”

“As a Centrality facilitator, James leaves no stone unturned in his preparation for an event, demonstrating a level of understanding in the areas of functional anatomy & injury prevention rarely achieved in our industry.”

“Having worked closely with some of the leading minds in strength & conditioning both in Australia and the US, there are very few fitness professionals better prepared to improve the health & well being of their clients than James Garland.”  

Paul Reid – Owner, Centrality



rguy“James’ level of professionalism and skill as a trainer are second to none. He has been a fantastic colleague through the years and I have seen the amazing results he has achieved with his clients.”

“I cannot recommend his services highly enough and he is the first trainer I that go to, to have someone look after my clients if I’m ever away.”

“Jimmy – keep up the fantastic work! We need more trainers like you!”

Rachel Guy – Owner, Athletic Fox & Fitness Model



kris“I first met James when he was running an Advanced Postural Analysis course here in Sydney.  To say that I was blown away by his expertise was an understatement.  He made complex topics seem simple, and he highlighted the fact that even someone like me had weak points to be corrected (despite my years of training and fitness modelling!).”

“James and I have remained close friends ever since then, and he continues to be a person of authority for whenever I have a question relating to injury or movement dysfunction.”

“I can’t recommend James highly enough; you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified to look after you.”

Kris Cochrane – Celebrity Personal Trainer & Fitness Model



Client Recommendations

rami“When I approached James to begin training me, he came well recommended from several friends (and training partners), who he had helped previously.  I needed someone who had the knowledge to fix my chronic pain and movement limitations, as well as educate me on how to keep them away moving forward.”

“Being an MMA fighter, and needing to be at the top of my game, having severe postural issues, limited movement, and chronic joint pain is a BIG problem.  James took the time to assess me, and developed a program that not only fixed all of my problems, but also made me more athletic as a kicker!”

“I’m not only moving a whole lot better, but I now have the knowledge to get my issues from coming back.  James really is an amazing coach, and a legend of a guy!”

Rami El Choufani – Sales Executive & MMA Fighter


jessy jess“Before I moved to Sydney, I had already been training in MMA for 3 years, which included a great deal of Strength and Conditioning training. Yet when I met James and started working with him, I experienced results and improvements within a matter of weeks that I never thought could happen!”

“James watched me in my MMA training and took note of the areas that I was weak in. He then incorporated these weakness into our program and we started working on fixing all of the gaps in my S&C game. Within a matter of 3 weeks, my cardio was better, I was leaner and stronger than I’d ever been!”

“The fact that James went to all the trouble to figure out exactly what my weaknesses and strengths were, to the point of hanging around after hours to watch me train, then put that all into something so basic and easy to do, made me feel that he really does care about his clients. Even now, living in Queensland again, and having worked with 4 other strength coaches since I stopped working with James, I still contact him regularly with questions because he is by far the most knowledgable and caring trainer I have ever met.”

Jessy Jess – Professional MMA Fighter


georgie“Some 6-months ago I had a terrible quality of life.  I had chronic back that had been going on for years and years; to the point where sometimes I couldn’t get out of bed for days at a time!  So when James was recommended to me, I wasn’t sure what to do.  I was scared of getting injured, and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to help me”

“I was wrong!”

“I’ve come such a long time in a short amount of time.  I used to be scared of doing anything for fear on injuring my back, and now I bounce into the gym first thing in the morning, and am so much more confident.  Even my family marvel at how far I’ve come!  It’s a brand new life; seriously!”

Georgie Duckworth – Account Director (Sales)


JAMES-HUCK“When I first began with James, I hadn’t trained in over a year due to an operation that I had.  I also had two bulging discs in my lower back, and not a day when by that I didn’t have pain there.  I was obviously quite wary about training again, as I didn’t want to suffer another serious set back.”

“James came highly recommended from another trainer who he had helped through an injury.  After I met with him, I found James to be very methodical, and focused on doing things right”

“In the 3-months that I spent with James, I not only rehabilitated my back (to the point where I am now stronger than ever, and have started back at boxing), but I also dropped 12kgs of body fat, all while putting on a bunch of muscle.”

“I can’t recommend him enough”

James Huckerby – Accountant


Todd-Rechner“I had been around gyms for a long time, and had hired a number of so-called trainers; but none were the right fit for me.  When I initially met James, I was impressed by his no B.S. approach.  He took the time to do a comprehensive needs assessments, and tailored a program that not only addressed my issues, but also aligned with my goals – and he was quick to point out my poor technique, yet took the time to teach me the proper way to lift”

“The results were nothing short of amazing.  In 4-months I dropped 15kgs, dramatically increased my strength, and had a tonne of laughs along the way.  All of that was great, yes, but for me, the fact that he got to the crux of a chronic lower back problem that I had, and helped me to become pain free, was worth it’s weight in gold.”

“I can’t thank him enough; hell, I look awesome, and am kicking ass again!”

Todd Rechner – Production Director, Publishing



lseaford“After playing soccer for over 15 years, the wear and tear was starting to take it’s toll on my body. It was not uncommon for me to feel like death days after playing a tough game. I had chronic knee and shin pain, and having just started an office-based job, I was starting to put on some weight.”

“I knew something had to be done; I needed someone who had experience and knowledge, and someone that would hold me accountable. I had no hesitations in approaching James and asking him to train me.”

“My knee and shin pain has improved greatly, and I am now able to play a game of soccer and back up the next day to play some basketball. I feel better throughout the day, I feel healthy and fit. I used to skip gym sessions because I didn’t really like going that much, but now I look forward to it because I know I am going to see improvement and progress.”

Luke Seaford – Electrical Engineer



richard holland“I first engaged in James’ services for my 15-year old son, Jack.  This was not to build his body, or his fitness, rather it was to assist him in the recovery of a torn spinal disc, which occured when a Rugby scrum collapsed on him.”

“James spent a lot of time ensuring that Jack followed his program to the letter. Within a period of 3-months Jack was a new kid.  He had more overall strength, and confidence in the structure of his back. His back was pain-free to the point that he was able to start pre-season training on time, which neither Jack nor I had never anticipated 3 months prior.”

“Jack ended up playing every game of that season, and was injury-free throughout.  Not only that, but he also won the Junior Club Player Of The Year Award, which was a huge achievement, especially because we had thought that his Rugby days were over.”

“I know it’s a cliched saying, but we can’t thank James enough for all of his efforts.”

Richard Holland – Events Manager


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