EFP021 – All About Deloads

This week we outlined how we utilise deload weeks as a strategic tool to ensure long-term progression and injury prevention including who actually needs to deload, specific deloading strategies, as well as what various factors could lead to someone needing to deload.… Continue Reading

EFP020 – Specificity By Necessity

In episode 20 of the podcast Will and I talk about which situations warrant a personal trainer to gain a deeper understanding of an area of expertise that’s generally considered outside their scope of practice. Learn more about the Education… Continue Reading

EFP017 – The Random Olympics Show

This week we get random again with a number of different topics; most notably why you should be in awe of Olympic athletes, and why we don’t recommend cupping. Learn more about the Education Of A Fitness Professional by visiting – https://www.facebook.com/groups/520407931367891/