5 Reasons To Lift Heavy

Everyone has heard the many different things on why lifting heavy is dangerous or ill-advised. The problem is that people just listen to the crap that other, random people tell them about lifting to heavy. The sad truth is that because of these narrow-minded views, many athletes are missing out on the numerous benefits that are too be gained from building a strong and explosive body.  Here are 5 quick reasons why you should lift heavy –

1.) Mental Toughness – When you first start lifting you tend to doubt your ability to be able to lift heavier, and realistically, this carries over into all aspects of life. When I started to lift heavy weights on a regular basis I began to see that I am a lot stronger than I ever dreamed of. Slowly but surely all doubt left my mind, and I knew if I focused really hard I could do anything I choose to.

This mental toughness made me a better athlete because once I started to believe in myself from the weight room, I was a better player on the field.

2.) Strength Gains – People think that because you lift heavy that you are going to get really big out of no where. They don’t seem to realise how much time, eating and dedication it takes to put on kilos of muscle. Bodybuilding itself is a sport that takes years of 24/7 attention to excel at – it is an insult to all those that worked hard to build those bodies that you think you can get there overnight.

What you can do is lift to get strong. Strength is what makes you run faster, hit harder and stay on the field or court for more games in a season.

3.) Minimal Soreness – When lifting heavy weights and lifting low reps the next day you are not as sore as when you lift lighter loads for higher reps. This means that strength training is less likely to jeopardise your sport-specific training sessions.

4.) Great Place To Start Getting Better – In my opinion the weight room is an amazing place to begin stepping your game up for the next season. No matter how the last season ended, the weight room is where the next one should start.  It’s given that when practice starts for the season you are going to work hard and try and be your best.

The weight room is like that secret place that you can work extremely hard and know one sees it. It is just you and the bar, and it stays that way. This does not happen from lifting light weights like the rest of the team. You have to go in there and lift like you mean it.

5.) Boost your confidence – It’s simple, lifting heavy will make you feel better about you.  Having the knowledge that you’re one of the strongest people on the field can really boost your eagerness to get involved in the game – this will undoubtedly increase your skill and experience.

There you have it, it’s simple, lifting hard and heavy is the only way to go for an athlete.  As long as your technique is maintained when lifting, and that you don’t overload your body too quickly, then don’t be afraid to get after it.

James Garland

James is an educator, frequent ranter, teller of terrible jokes, lover of all-day breakfasts, and the Education Manager for The Fitness Playground. Feel free to tell him whether you loved, or hated, this article below.

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